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Amy Robbins is changing the way women carry firearms. The former NRA TV host, model and lifestyle blogger has developed a clothing line that doesn’t suck for women who carry guns.

Ms. Robbins is a self-professed farmer’s daughter. Despite her family’s longstanding firearms familiarity, her personal journey into armed self-defense started four years ago, when her father decided his comely daughters should be prepared to defend their lives, the lives of their loved ones and other innocents by force of arms.

Ms. Robbins isn’t one who’s easily told what to do. Neither is she a woman without common sense. So she took up the challenge and started educating herself on all aspects of self-defense firearms.

Shameless promotion alert!

Ms. Robbins told TTAG that The Truth About Guns helped her on her way. “I’m such a fan of TTAG. I visit the site regularly to educate myself on guns,” she confessed. This despite RF’s diss of her participation in the ill-fated GunTV venture.

Having established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the firearms industry, Ms. Robbins spent the last two years designing her carry clothes for women, set to launch September first.

She told me that her apparel-o-mania all started when she began training for a marathon. The Dallas park where she likes to run isn’t the safest of places. Running in Lululemon gear, Ms. Robbins found it difficult to conceal her handgun.

And so Alexo Athletica was born. (Pre-orders available at that link.)

Alexo is Greek for defend. Ms. Robbins has put a lot of thought into the needs of women who defend themselves. Her yoga pants have higher waistbands with reinforced elastic on both sides to keep a woman’s firearm in place when she runs. And that’s just the start . . .

Ms. Robbins believes most women’s concealed carry clothing is unflattering and impractical for everyday use. Her designs turn that on its head: offering clothes that flatter the firearm fashionista. Once her tactical yoga pants establish the Alexo brand, she wants to create an entire line of concealed carry clothes that aren’t overly tactical or plain-old ugly.

“I choose to protect myself with a gun, so I don’t fear walking by myself,” she says. “I want to be able to keep my firearms on my body. And to be able to access my gun safely and efficiently.”

Ms. Robbins is boldly going into new territory — at least for her. She’s had to learn about firearms, firearms safety and the clothing manufacture business.

“It’s a steep learning curve,” she admits. “But I’m dedicated to give women the best of both worlds: attractive comfortable clothing that provides a practical solution for women who carry.”

“I’m making fashionable clothes that allow a woman to remain safe, strong, independent and self-reliant while exercising, socializing or just going about their daily life.”

For women who know that they’re their own first responders, that’s what winning looks like. Watch this space. Ms. Robbins does! Suggestions below….

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    • For a women I def see a need. I will confess that gym/ pt time I go unarmed. Then again not too many people looking to rape a pouchy middle aged man covered in sweat.

      • Yeah, I’m not even being sarcastic. Two of my favorite things are guns and girls in yoga pants, I’m just waiting for photos.

      • “Then again not too many people looking to rape a pouchy middle aged man covered in sweat.”

        Men sweat, women ‘glow’ or ‘glisten’…

  1. (thank God…)
    Yes. Please get your products out there. Give lots of options. Make videos that go viral and women everywhere talk about your stuff and ask for new items as good gift ideas… and by all that is sacred help women everywhere realize that dropping a loaded gun into a purse (no thought, no imagination, no planning or foresight- just a reflexive, default “I’ll carry it in here”) IS A REALLY BAD IDEA.
    RF was asking earlier what our favorite gun-bigot sound bite is, I don’t have a favorite that consistently gets my hackles up but a new female customer that shrugs and says “oh, I’m just going to keep it in my purse” when looking for her first handgun just sets my teeth to clenching…

    • Google the story of the woman who’s kid killed her in Wal-Mart , or use TTAG’s reporting on it, and print out a few copies or make a counter sign of it.

      The next time you hear one say she’s gonna purse-carry (or any other off-body carry) just hand her a copy of it or point to the counter sign…

  2. Wow is she gorgeous. I wish her all the success in the world. (Just a suggestion- we should get a better picture from behind and from the front, just to double check the fit. You know, for science 😉 Good luck!!!

  3. The winter line is not bad but in Texas in summertime makes concealed carry a bit more difficult. I have found cargo pants with sufficiently deep pockets to conceal with T-shirt and light cotton shirt. Walgreens located near me allows licensed carry.

    • Texas gun gal you are right, carrying concealed on body during Texas summer is recipe for sweaty body. I had to quit, bc it was miserable in the concealed corset AND it meant my Sig was exposed to constant moisture! Looking for other options so hope Alexo offers great attractive and affordable options!

  4. I wish her all the success in the world.
    Then start on the male fashion scene.
    I believe that there is room in the non-tactical fashion world for improvement.
    Tacticool is not a practical choice for me.

    BTW, really like the brand name. Has a nice pop to it, especially knowing the meaning.

  5. Yoga pants? Oh, please… NOOOOOOOOO That top picture has a nice looking lady in some seriously ugly duds. Yoga pants for CC? I just can’t imagine that working, but oh well.

    I mean, if that’s the best she can come up with, no skin off my nose, but I would never suggest this kind of clothing to any of my women students. UGGG

    Don’t “conceal” much myself, but when I do it is in the same jeans and shirts I use for OC. A lot of women carry successfully without yoga pants. There are lots and lots of other options.

    • Mama liberty, in confused by your post, you say you’d never suggest yoga pants to any of your students…..but then you say you hardly ever conceal carry. I assume you are teaching women to shoot? And, how can you give any advice about CC if you don’t CC yourself? I don’t know your demographics, or the demographics of your students, but you seem slightly out of touch. CC for women is a real challenge….for a lot of reasons. For many of us, we are small, and carrying a larger gun, like a 9mm is difficult to conceal. The other challenge is our wardrobes can vary depending on our activity….working, social gatherings, exercising, etc. Therefore, we need options. We can’t just get a kydex IWB or OWB holster and call it a day. I cross country ski, and mountain bike, and hike, and do home health, and serve at church, so I need options for all those situations. Did you read her website? She said that her reason for starting this venture was because she was training for a marathon and where she runs isn’t the best part of town, so she needed a safer carrying option for running. To gargoyle, She isn’t suggesting women wear yoga pants every where, all the time. I agree that there are a lot of women wearing yoga pants who shouldn’t be and a lot OT of women showing off more than they should. But Amy’s goal is clothing for active women. This is a niche clothing line for active women who exercise, and work out. Similar to Lululemon or Athletica. She is suggesting conceal carry clothing as an option to a holster. As an active woman, I am eager to see what she comes up with because there is definitely a need. In order for me to conceal carry, I have had to change the way I dress. I used to wear more fitted clothing, but that’s not conducive to carrying because it imprints. Tunics and leggings work well, or tunics and jeans, A-line dresses, tailored shirts with emperor waists etc. which allow women to have some style and still be able to carry. As more and more women start carrying, and carrying in many different situations, we will need more options.

  6. Agree with MamaLiberty. My Yoga pants days are over. Then, there are the women who never have had Yoga pants days.

    Other options, please.

  7. There is exactly zero downside to women carrying guns in yoga pants. It’s a win (women)- win (guns)- win (yoga pants) situation.

  8. well you know what? women do this shit to themselves. they ONLY want to wear clothes that leave nothing to the imagination. they damn near just wear paint as clothes. so its their own damn fault. if they dressed like a classy woman instead of a bimbo craving male attention, they wouldnt have these problems.

  9. How about men’s and women’s casual or even business casual clothing with an oversized waistband and a bit of room up top but not oversized everywhere else for IWB carry? I know I can get pants with an elastic waist, but this is not the same as a cut that would allow for carrying. Would have to be a limited selection due to cost issues, but basic dark blue, tan, black, khaki, jeans?

    Amy, a women’s line with reinforced waistband and carry pocket should also sell to women who don’t carry guns, but do carry knives, pepper spray, iPhones, keys, etc. It would be a great introduction for they to the idea that carrying a gun while running is not a bad idea, and there is even clothing designed for it. You should consider a modified ad for a much larger audience, and you can work them into the gun idea as they get onto your site.

  10. Having given up purses same time as diaper bag I think TTAGReader is absolutely right. I don’t buy anything without pockets. The wide waistband for other stuff is a great idea. I would buy a whole wardrobe of the stuff.


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